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Meet Urschel Next Generation of M VersaPro® Dicer for Meat & Alternative Proteins

New from Urschel, the M VersaPro® (MVP) next generation 2-D dicer excels in processing of meat, poultry, and alternative proteins. The machine provides the best in sanitary design and the ultimate in versatile cutting of all types of protein.

Its patented, fluted crosscut option provides gentler cutting action. Deeper circular knife to feed drum penetration produces an improved cutting method. The crosscut is driven by a 5 HP (3.7 kW) motor equipped with a variable frequency drive to allow adjustment of the cut size without the additional expense of changing parts. Other active cutting components are driven by a 5 or 7.5 HP (3.7 or 5.6 kW) motor.

Meanwhile, its intuitive touchscreen HMI option easily gathers data, monitors machine components including sensors and amperage; adjusts operating speeds and saves recipes. Touchscreen swivels for full visibility.

The MVP is also designed for continuous operation and uninterrupted production. Its IP69K certified electrical enclosure features a double-sealed door for extra protection during washdowns. Mechanical zone is isolated from the product zone to promote sanitation.

Dan Banowetz, Senior Design Engineer at Urschel Laboratories Inc said, “Customers often remark that they love the clean design, greater capacity, and the HMI that tells them which door is not shut, and the feed belt reverse switch that makes clearing a jam a breeze.”

According to Banowetz, the MVP strip cuts or dices a large variety of meat/poultry.  It has a number of advantages over other dicers including cut quality. The MVP circle knives have double the penetration into the feed drum slots vs the Urschel M6 Dicer. This provides more shearing force and results in more complete cuts and less connected pieces.  Also, the MVP offers an optional fluted crosscut which provides a gentler cutting action for delicate products, resulting in less fines and more pieces of the desired size.  Finally, the MVP offers an option of 6" diameter circle knives.  These larger knives allow for a thicker product to fit under the knives while being cut and results in less compression or damage to thicker products.

Banowetz added, “The fluted crosscut design came about as a result of customers’ requests to produce a gentler cutting action for poultry products.  We studied the dynamics of how the product impacted the crosscut and realized the impact with the knife seat resulted in a very high acceleration loads on the chicken. We came up the new, patented design so the curved, fluted shape of the knife seat would more slowly accelerate the product up to speed before it was thrown out of the crosscut.”

The dual independent variable speed motors on the MVP allow switching crosscut cut-size without changing cutting parts.  One of the greatest benefits built into the new design is the greater circle knife to feed drum penetration providing more complete cutting, as well as the variable speed crosscut which allows cut size adjustment on the fly.

The ability to adjust the feeding and cutting speeds allows for extremely delicate cutting action when required, or very high capacity cutting when desired. A large variety of both 5" and 6" circle knives of various thickness, feed drum textures and slotting options, and crosscut configurations allows Urschel to setup your MVP for an amazing variety of protein products. 

Increased capacity is achieved through the MVP's 12" cutting zone that allows 25% greater capacity if using 5" circle knives and over 50% greater capacity if using 6" circle knives.  To drive these large capacity components, motors totaling 50% greater horsepower are used.

The MVP also features superior sanitation. Cantilevered shafts with sealed bearings, cutting zone that is completely separate from the power train, all solid bar frame (no hollow tubes), and all sloped surfaces make the MVP easy to clean and easy to keep clean.

Apart from the protein industry, the MVP can also be used in the vegetable industry, for dicing veggies such as green onions, bell peppers, kale, and cilantro, as well as in the baking industry dicing pitas, bagels, brownies, and bread.

Urschel, the global leader in food cutting technology, offers free-of-charge test cutting services to showcase the functionality and benefits of its advanced cutting machinery. To find out more, contact your local office to explore Urschel food cutting solutions or visit www.urschel.com.